Fair Trade

So, just what is Fair Trade, and why does FOR MOTHER EARTH promote and take pride in being a source for Fair Trade goods in the North-Central Arkansas region?

Fair Trade is an organized and legal social movement, with a particular market-based approach centered on the intent to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions, and promote sustainability.

The Fair Trade System as an international movement advocates the payment of a higher price to producers as well as social and environmental standards in the production process.

FOR MOTHER EARTH believes that a safe eco-system, and human beings livelihoods are far more important than enormous profit.

FOR MOTHER EARTH believes that cooperation is more evolved than competition.

FOR MOTHER EARTH believes THERE IS NO REASON THAT YOU CANNOT BE PROVIDED WITH SAFE, EARTH-FRIENDLY, and WELL MADE products that are produced in systems that raise worker’s living standards instead of profiting on them.

FOR MOTHER EARTH is proud to do our very best to provide the Norfork and the North-Central Arkansas area with as many items manufactured upon this principle as we possibly can, and we STRONGLY URGE OUR FELLOW BUSINESS PERSONS TO FOLLOW THE SAME PRINCIPLES.

We want to live in a FAIR TRADE world.

FOR MOTHER EARTH is especially proud of our relationship with Earth Divas, because of Earth Divas BEYOND FAIR TRADE program.

BEYOND FAIR TRADE is a ground-breaking attempt to expand the FAIR TRADE concept.

With BEYOND FAIR TRADE they take the FAIR TRADE idea a step further, providing an extra 30% in wages to the artisans, they also help the producers in obtaining quality materials at fair prices, provide training programs, and give a great deal of time in educating about quality control and consistency.

Earth Divas is a small and daring company who is setting the production standard for the 21st Century, and we can only hope that the ‘Big Boys’ get the concept, grasp the reasons, and take up the challenge to match Earth Divas in their commitment to a better, friendlier, more eco-logical, and humanitarian way to produce goods.

You may visit the Earth Divas website and learn much more about FAIR TRADE and BEYOND FAIR TRADE:


FOR MOTHER EARTH urges you to vote with your dollars and support the ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE, and the BUY LOCAL movements each and every time that you shop!