About 35 miles south of the original FOR MOTHER EARTH ( now under new management and called TERRAPIN TRADING COMPANY ) location in Norfork, Arkansas lies the Folk Music Capitol of Mt. View, Arkansas.On February 14, 2012 we opened FOR MOTHER EARTH in Mt. View.

Valentine’s Day was a very appropriate day to start the new store, as it is not only itself a labor of Love, it is also opening in response to the many requests that FOR MOTHER EARTH come to Mt. View from customers who love the Norfork store.

It contains the same popular items sold in Norfork and a lot more.

HEMP and BAMBOO clothing, incense, charms, beads, books! Both HEMP and gemstone jewelry, rope sandals, hippie stuff, and esoteric items all come together in a beautiful flow of color, scent and and unique style and form. Like the Norfork store, it tends to dazzle the senses, and already the customers complement the feelings of Love and Peace and Acceptance that they experience as they enter the space.

FOR MOTHER EARTH can be found at 206 WEST MAIN IN MT. VIEW. Our store lies between two RAINBOWS! We are right next door to the RAINBOW ANTIQUE MALL, and just a few doors toward the Square from the RAINBOW CAFE.

The phone number is 870-269-5535

Our hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.