Throughout the winter of 2009-2010 FOR MOTHER EARTH  Norfork location dedicated a great deal of time in expanding our small used book area into a full-sized book selection that we called The Constant Reader Used Book Room.

When we moved to the new location in MT. View we were able to expand still more and now have a full sized area that is filled with hand-picked books of all genre and types. We are getting books in all the time, and it is our intention to offer Mt. View, Arkansas a quality used book selection that appeals to all sorts of readers and researchers!

We have a large fiction selection, fantasy and sci-fi, classics and westerns on the fiction side of the room.

The non-fiction area is filled with New Age, Spiritual, self-help, history, biography and how-to books. We have a section dedicated to alternative healing, and another for books focusing on cooking and healthy eating.

Kids love us too! We have books for small children and young adults. .

We have a selection of used CD’s, Tarot Cards, and new and used Puzzles.

Come browse our selection. Take your time, sit awhile and read a bit. We’re Constant Readers too, and have read many of the books ourselves and love discussing them!