Just put up some fresh East Wind Nut Butters. If you have never tried the Raw or Roasted Cashew Butter you are totally missing out on a party in your mouth! Spread it on crackers, dip pretzels in it, or fill a celery stick…delicious! We also have Crunchy or Smooth no salt Almond Butter, all the varieties of Peanut Butters in no salt or with salt and the very best Tahini i have ever tasted! I make a raw cheesy sauce for dipping veggies in using EW Tahini and nutritional yeast…YUM! If you would like the recipe just holler and i can post it here, it’s easy and SO GOOD FOR YOU!

Also got in those cute little mini balls of dyed hemp twine! Lots of new colors and only $3.00 for over 30 yards which is a great deal!

Our USED BOOK SHOP has lots of “new” used books too! Tom has worked really hard to re-arrange the bookshop for easier browsing and finding your favorite authors…come see and buy USED books, the ultimate in recycling.